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Channel 2 is OUR  LOCAL public access television station serving Western El Dorado County on Comcast Channel 2.  We serve 40,000 + Comcast subscribers and a world-wide audience with our streaming and on demand service.  Our audience is now world-wide with the addition of live and on demand streaming over the internet, plus our YouTube Channel scatv2. 


Producers must certify that no advertising material or other commercial programming, lottery or lottery information, obscene material, sexually explicit conduct, material soliciting or promoting unlawful conduct, or indecent, slanderous or libelous material is contained in their program.

Any video submitted to Channel 2 may be subject to editing by Channel 2 to assure the video is FCC compliant, it complies with SCA-TV2 policies and procedures, or to make it meet programming needs.  
Please provide the following informatioin by email or letter form:

Title,Submitting Organization and Producer, Short summary, Length

Audience:  G, PG, R, M
Certify your video is FCC and SCATV2 Policy compliant

It is requested that video submitted be 27 minutes in length or less.  Longer programs should be submitted in more than one part. This allows SCATV2 to insert underwriter spots. Also, larger files sometimes will not load onto the server.

Videos should be well editied with appropriate credits and be "broadcast ready."
Producers or organizations may request a specific time for broadcast and 2 staff/volunteers will attempt to meet that request.  No time slot is guaranteed.  SCATV2 reserves the right to determine when and how many times a particular program appears on 2.  Usually a program may appear up to 12 times or more within twelve weeks.  After 12 weeks and you notice your program is no longer on the schedule you may request the program be placed back on the schedle.  Channel 2 operates with an an all volunteer staff.  We cannot guarantee how soon after submission a particular video will appear on 2.  It is recommended persons or organizations sumbit only one or two videos within a two week period of time. There are no limits on how many videos a person or organization may submit over time. Channel 2 reserves the right to broadcast any submitted video for an unlimited period of time, particularly if it showcases persons, organizations, or the hisotry, culture or other topic related to El Dorado County or topic of interest or importance to local residents.
If a person or organization has an issue or complaint an informal contact must be made with Program Director with the intent of resolving the matter.  After making all reasonable efforts to address concerns, a person may make request of the board to resolve the matter.  The Board's decision on such issues will be determinative on the matter.
Persons or organizations submitting videos may provide the station with a link to the submitted video on YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv etc. for consideration for posting on the SCATV2 On Demand page on it's website.  SCATV2 is not required by its contract with the City of Placerville or FCC to post submitted video links on its website. How soon any submitted link appears is limited by time and skills available from station volunteers.  SCATV2 has no obligation to post any submitted video on any of its associated websites such at YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv...
Access to SCATV is free.  There is no charge or fee for submitting videos.  It is appreciated if persons or organizations submitting videos become Members or make a donation to SCAT2. 

Deliver/mail DVD's or flash drives with your video in mpeg2 format to: 
Gary Campbell
3330 Cameron Park Drive  Suite 300
Cameron Park, CA 95682
1 916 849-2213
During the editing phase of your project, please assure that your audio is set to peek at no more than -12Db to -10Db. This will assure that the volume, for Channel 2's home viewers, will be consistent from one program to the next as well as to the other channels on the Comcast Cable line-up.
Please make sure that that your program submission does not contain any non-relevant video infomation at the beginning or end of your program. The automated television video server cannot automatically differenitate between program content and "padding."
For MS Windows Users only (XP, Vista or Windows 7):
For those submitting content to Channel 2 who are using Windows:
Please render your final submission as an MPEG2 file with the following specs then burn this file to a DVD as a "data" file. Please label the DVD accordingly:  MP4 may also be accepted.  Contact Gary Campbell for details.
VideoFrame Width: 720Frame Height: 480
Frame Rate: 29.97fps
Field Order: Lower
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Bit Rate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass (targets: 4.2 Mbsec/minimum 6Mbsec/Maximum)
Format: MPEG
Audio Layer: MPEG-1, Layer II AudioSample Size: 16 bit
Bit rate settings: 224 kbpsec
Please render video and audio in one MPEG2 video file.
Using Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Tutorial from Leightronix Corp. <---Click on this link
If you have an actual playable DVD of your program and wish to just extract the MPEG2 file of its content for submission to Channel 2, then download, install, and use the following:
Leightronix "Total Import" Software Application
Sorry, no Apple Mac OS support for this application.
Click on the below link to download the .pdf file of the instructions on how to use "Total Import:"
Leightronix "Total Import" User Manual
Contact Gary Campbell for a file featuring the Channel 2 Logo.
Gary Campbell:  gacambl@pacbell.net