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Channel 2 is OUR  LOCAL public access television station serving Western El Dorado County on Comcast Channel 2.  We serve 40,000 + Comcast subscribers and a world-wide audience with our streaming and on demand service.  Our audience is now world-wide with the addition of live and on demand streaming over the internet, plus our YouTube Channel scatv2. 

Underwriter Info & Contract

SCATV2 offers a unique opportunity for local businesses to support this local non-profit public access television station.  SCATV2 creates and presents 30 second underwriter spots daily.   Each runs 9-12 times per day, depending on the daily schedule.  Six month and year contracts are available.  Channel 2 reaches 20,000+ homes and businesses on the Western Slope of El Dorado County, from Pollock Pines to El Dorado Hills, and north to Cool.  This the same number of viewers as any channel on the local Comcast Menu, an estimated 50,000-60,000+ potential viewers.

$550 for six months.  

$1000 for one year.

* A monthly payment option is available.

** View our current underwriter spots using the links below.

An underwriting spot is an announcement made on public broadcasting outlets, especially in the United States, in exchange for funding. These spots usually mention the name of the sponsor, and can resemble traditional television advertisements in commercial broadcasting to a limited extent; however, under the terms of a public broadcaster's license from the Federal Communications Commission, such spots are prohibited from making any sort of a "call to action" (a phrase that includes making product claims, announcing prices, or providing an incentive to buy a product or service). In the U.S., these restrictions apply to any television or radio station licensed as a non-commercial educational (NCE) stations, and even for non-sponsoring companies and products.

Dowload the current Underwriter Agreement Form.

For further information or sign up as an underwriter contact:

Gary Campbell at  1 916 849-2213  gacambl@pacbell.net

or George Sabato 530 622-8013 2artists@sbcglobal.net

Current Underwriters: