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Channel 2 is OUR  LOCAL public access television station serving Western El Dorado County on Comcast Channel 2.  We serve 40,000 + Comcast subscribers and a world-wide audience with our streaming and on demand service.  Our audience is now world-wide with the addition of live and on demand streaming over the internet, plus our YouTube Channel scatv2. 

About SCA-TV2

The mission of Sierra Community Access Television Channel 2 station is to provide a forum through which local residents can develop strong involvement and interaction with educational, cultural, environmental,  governmental and spiritual segments of the county.

 Channel 2 is bound by the FCC Rules and Regulations governing
Public/Cable Access TV.  Fed ID# 91-1798099  501c3 Non-Profit Corp.

What does SCA-TV2 mean for you ?
Channel 2 is YOUR  LOCAL public access television station serving Western El Dorado County on Comcast Channel 2.  We serve 50,000 + Comcast subscribers.   Our audience is now world-wide with the addition of live and on demand live streaming, plus our YouTube and Google Plus Channels

You can be the stars of shows produced by you, or members of the community, for residents of our area. You could be the producers, the videographers, the presenters as well as the viewers of local programming.

The basics of Channel 2:
  • Channel 2 is funded by donations and grants from the community.
  • Volunteers provide the services needed to operate the station.
  • Community individuals, non-profits and businesses contribute locally produced content. 
  • The Community Calendar informs the community of upcoming events or available public services.
  • Viewers watch programs featuring the people, places, culture and history of El Dorado County.
Programs may be watched on Comcast Channel 2 or from the SCATV2 Live Streaming feed, On Demand, YouTube and Google Plus Channels.  Please join us at our Facebook page.  See tabs above.

Examples of  Programming on The New Channel 2

Viewers enjoy local history with programs like George McKee Remembers Placerville, Johnny Studebaker, George Peabody’s Presentation about Spanish Flat Gold Mining, Rescue History,  Jay Bruce Lion Hunter or tour the Gold Bug Mine.  They enjoy living history at Marshall Gold Discovery State Park or American River Conservancy’s Wakamatsu Festival.  Jason Bross “flies” viewers over Lake Tahoe, Hope Valley, Main Street Placerville, the Skate Park in Cameron Park and more.  They view Rachel Lopez and Kirsten Vernon’s new “The Where and Wears of El Dordo County taking you on tours of the Apple Hill to Cameron Park and even a rafting trip down the American River.  They get lessons on Greek Cooking watching Sue Tweeton’s Simply Delicious or Flower Arranging with the Flower Diva, Angie Zimmerman and catch up on what’s happening at the El Dorado Arts Council, Vision Coalition, CASA, New Morning, MORE, Sunburst Camp and see the good work being done by the Food Bank.  Citizens and veterans share in the Memorial and Veteran Day Ceremonies at the El Dorado County Veteran’s Memorial.  Entertainment is offered by local musicians like the 126 West, Elvin Bishop, Johnny Mojo, Hickory Wind, and the Whiskey Beggars. The audience  takes hikes with Debbie Preston and her dog Toots, ride the Rubicon Trail, see a classic car show with over 100 amazing cars and even take tours of Placerville and the Motherlode with the late Huell Howser. 


George Sabato  -- President                
Gary Campbell   -- Vice President & Program Director                     
Trish Wilson       -- Secretary         
Marilyn Weber    -- Treasurer    
Aldo Panattoni
Dina Gentry             

Channel 2 is an all volunteer organization and has no employees.
We operate as a "virtual station" with no physical station.  Volunteers video on site, edit at their personal offices/studios and content is uploaded to the station server via the internet. The server is located in "the closet" at Town Hall.

Organization Documents
Contract with the City
Articles of Incorporation
IRS Letter 501 c3 Status

Information about FCC Public Access Regulations
FCC Site
Public Access Television--Wikipedia