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125th Anniversary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church 
in Placerville

Ponte Palmero Celebration of the 4th of July

A Crowning Event in Shingle Springs

Learn about LOCAL agriculture!
Ag in the Classroom
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11 Local Christmas Videos

Sheriff John D'Agostini Speaks on the State of Our Community
Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony Pilgrimage

Blair Brother Lumber 1950's Historic Film

Octoberfest 2017 on Main Street, Placerville

Banners on Parade...Main Street, Placerville

 E.I.D.'s Sly Park Fighting the Pine Beetle--Special Report!

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Sierra Nevada Tire and Wheel
Western Sign
Solar Hut 
Northwestern Insurance of Cameron Park
Sierra Central Credit Union
 Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds

El Dorado Rose Pageant 

Town Hall Meeting with Supervisor Shiva Frentzen
and El Dorado County Dept. of Transportation

The CASA Story

Hangtown Car Show 2017

Clarksville Day 2017

1850's Living History at Providence Chistian School

Stand Up For MORE

Career Expo 2017

Gold Rush Days on the Georgetown Divide

Mosquito Bridge in the February Storms--by Paul Cockrell

The History of the Mormon Emigrant Trail
presented by Stephanie Farrell

Boys and Girls Club Grand Opening

Mini Miners Day

Links to our underwriters' videos:  please view!

Sierra Nevada Tire and Wheel
Western Sign
Solar Hut 
Northwestern Insurance of Cameron Park
Sierra Central Credit Union
 Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds

Brittany Gaines Crowned Miss Cameron Park/Shingle Springs

Jamie Whitmore To Compete In Paraolympics
Note:  Jamie won 2 Gold Medals!
California Pioneer Days 

Pony Express Re-Ride 2016

 Placerville Welcomes the Wagon Train!

Wagon Train Rendezvous in Pollock Pines

California Pioneer Days in Coloma

Re-dedication of Station 84



Stage Coach Rides on Main Street, Placerville are on most 3rd Saturdays.
More information at http://www.placerville-downtown.org/DaveyWiser.html

The Mormon Battalion:  "A Legacy More Precious Than Gold" 
introduced by Greg Post portraying James Sly.

Part 2 of Thunder in the Park

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Enjoy the music of 120 West at the Shingle Springs Community Center
 Hickory Wind and the Whiskey Beggars at the Shingle Springs Community Concert
This includes the entire 
Shingle Springs Community Center Playlist
which presents the Pickups, Whiskey Beggars, 120 West and Hickory Wind !

ELVIN BISHOP SPECIAL:  Sierra Community Access Television and contributing producer Aldo Panatoni present a documentary of the reunion of Elvin Bishop, Micky Thomas and Charlie Musselwhite.  Share "in studio time" with these great blues artists as they come together for the first time in nearly 40 years.  You will enjoy this unique behind the scenes experience of their recording session.  The new album was released August, 2014.  Post production by Gary Campbell of SCATV2.

Veterans Day 2014 at "The Monument"
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Recent and Popular Videos
El Dorado County Film Commission Promo Video:  Explore the filmmaking opportunities in this unique Northern California county with its stunning natural beauty, its Gold Rush history and its wealth of movie-making ...  This video starts the series of videos in our 
The Mono Lake Story

Mono Lake is one of the most beautiful and productive lakes on the planet, yet excessive water diversions by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power threatened its ecosystem. A passionate grassroots campaign came to Mono Lake’s defense and through a monumental struggle, won its protection. The course of this historic effort transformed water law in California and forever changed water use in Los Angeles. The Mono Lake story is a rare environmental success that can inspire and inform the environmental challenges of our time.  Directed by El Dorado County's Jonah Mathewson.

ThumbnailLearn about the early settlers in Rescue, California. They came to farm, search for gold.  This video features photos from private and Rescue Historical Society collections, historical re-enactments of Gold Rush Days in Clarksville and Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, aerial photography by Jason Bross, and a narrative based on interviews with long time residents whose ancestors settled in the region.  This video is produced by Marilyn Gilham.  Part 2
Experience the celebration of El Dorado County's historic town. Paticipants in the event include exhibits and demonstrations by the Pony Express, Mormon Batallion, Blue Canyon Gang, Model Railroad, El Dorado Historical Society Museum, Folsom Railroad Society, Cemetery Tour, horse and wagon rides and more! Produced by Marilyn Gilham 

Produced by Jason Bross and Post Production by Gary Campbell
You won't believe this!

El Dorado County's Incredible Wood Fueled Model T Ford

"Nuggets of El Dorado History" features El Dorado County historian and naturalist Guy Nixon, and is produced by Samantha Ferrand, George Sabato and Gary Campbell.
Battle of Rock Creek: Historian Guy Nixon takes viewers just outside of Placerville, CA where an epic battle took place in 1848.  Under the leadership of Chief Coppa Hembo, the defending Maidu and Washoe tribes used stone axes and poison tipped arrows to defeat the Valley Miwok raiding party that was seeking to capture and sell slaves to the mercury mines in San Jose.
Birthplace of Chief Coppa Hembo:  El Dorado County historian and naturalist Guy Nixon guides you on a tour of the former site of the Maidu winter village in Garden Valley.  View the spot where legend tells is the exact location just outside the camp where legendary Chief Coppa Hembo was born.  Guy explains how women gave birth away from the village so the scent of the afterbirth would not attract Grizzly bears and put the tribe members at risk.
Quartz Grinding Rock:  El Dorado County historian naturalist Guy "Red Corn Nixon takes you  to an ancient site that pre-dates settlement of the Hill Nisenen/Maidu who used the site featuring unique mortars gound into a rare quartz outcrop.  Learn how Coppa Hembo earned his name after surviving an encounter with a grizzly bear.
Arrowhead Technology:  Guy compares the arrowhead technology of the Hill Nisenen/Maidu tribe to that of the Osage tribe.  The secret of how arrows with small "bird points" dipped in neruotoxin could take down a deer, a bear or human. 
Grizzly Affair:  Guy demonstrates the type of rifle used in the nineteen hundreds to shoot a grizzly bear at a site where it is said the bear got the best of the hunter.
Mountain Democrat:  El Dorado County Historian tells some history of the Mountain Democrat at the front door of its old office on Main Street...now the front door to Placerville Hardware. Learn how one of its first editors was a Cherokee!
Singing Stones:  El Dorado County historian Guy Nixon tell the surprising story of how the local tribes used outcrops of granite, singing stones/talking rocks, as a form of "telegraph" to communicate swiftly over long distances.
Weber Creek Gold:  El Dorado County historian Guy "Red Corn" Nixon reveals the story of conflict over gold that took place at Weber Creek.  The conflict involved the men of Bret Greenwood, the "Oregon Trappers", and bands of Hill Nisenan and Mountain Miwok.  
New Series
Finding Lost Civilizations with explorer Alex Kerekes

Niesnan - Maidu People, Calfiornia

Trek with Alex to the Rocklin, California area and visit ancient sites once inhabited by the Niesnan - Maidu people.  Visit http://storiesbyalex.com/ for additional videos and stories.

Miwok Chaw-Se Site:  Trek with Alex through a California Miwok Indian site known as Chaw'Se. This site contains the largest concentration of mortars at one location in North America. Also, explore a connection between the petroglyphs of Chaw'Se and the Tecoxquin Indians of Nayarit, Mexico. Visit http://storiesbyalex.com/ for additional videos and stories.

Lake Tahoe and the California Sierra's:  Explore the California Sierras near Lake Tahoe and visit native fishing and summer camps and see ancient symbols etched onto stone outcrops that have been forgotten in time. Visithttp://storiesbyalex.com/ for additional videos and stories.

Lithic Site--California Series:
Visit a site in the California Sierras where ancient man shaped black basalt stone to make objets used for his daily life.
Finding Lost Civilizations - An Educational Series - http://storiesbyalex.com/
You may also view Alex's videos at his YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/storiesbyalex
        A MUST WATCH!         
George McKee Remembers Placerville:  In this rare film, the late George McKee goes through his family photo album telling his story of growing up in Placerville. George was the long time owner of the Round Tent clothing store on Main Street.  Part 2.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_FbUyqhdQIWheelbarrow Johnny:  Enjoy the story of how John Mohler Studebaker took a wagon train west to Placerville in 1853 to get rich mining gold but discovered his true riches were to be found in making wheel barrows for the miners. Learn how John took his profits back to Indiana and partnered with his brothers making wagons and eventually the Studebaker automobile. Visit the El Dorado County Museum to see an original J. Studebaker wheelbarrow and wagon....and a copy of this film. The film is commissioned by the Placerville Historical Museum and El Dorado County Museum (http://museum.edcgov.us/). Dee Owens is the producer.

Eyes On The Sierra: Join Video journalist Kathleen Newell as she takes you on a narrative and visual tour of California's beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills. Emphasis is on touring the unique areas near Placerville, California. This episode features The El Dorado Trail, Wrights Lake, Mormon Emigrant Trail, Carson Pass, Caples Lake, Coloma, and Placerville, California. For more information, visit http://klncreations.wordpress.com

Links to our underwriters' videos:  please view!

Sierra Nevada Tire and Wheel
Western Sign
Solar Hut 
Northwestern Insurance of Cameron Park
Sierra Central Credit Union
Thumbnail Show N' Shine 2013:  Around 3,500 people joined the 24th annual Show and Shine and Fly In at Cameron Airpark on September 28 2013 for a classic car and airplane show. Vehicle owners from all over the Bay Area, and even some from Oregon, displayed their vehicles along the airstrip to be judged in a multitude of categories. Cameron Park Rotary partnered with Soroptimist of Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills to organize the free event of family-friendly fun. 

Hangtown Classic Car Show 2013

The Hangtown Classic Car Show was put on by the Placerville Lions Club in conjunction with the the Placerville Downtown Association. This slide show is produced by Ali Malik

Hangtown Motorcycle Show and Competition:
Our local Fleet Reserve Association  hosted the “Hangtown Motorcycle Show and Competition."

Placerville--Home by Twelve/27:  A collage of iconic scenes of Placerville


Let's Go Rafting on the American River:  Sbinoletsgo brings you rafting down the South Fork of the American River.  
Part 2.  Video contributed by Steve Strauss.

Paddle California with Bryant Burkhardt:
Slab Creek: Whitewater kayaking on the 'Slab Creek' run on the South Fork American river. It's the section of river below the Slab Creek Reservoir and above the Chili Bar Reservoir.
Lovers Leap: Whitewater kayaking on the 'Lover's Leap' section of the South Fork American River. It's just off Highway 50 above Kyburz. 
Rubicon: Whitewater kayaking on the Rubicon River, a tributary of the Middle Fork American. It's below Hell Hole Reservoir.
North Fork Mokelumne and Kyburz:  Whitewater kayaking from two different river. The first is the North Fork Mokelumne, the 'Devil's Nose' run below Salt Springs Reservoir and above Tiger Creek Afterbay. 
South Silver: Whitewater kayaking on South Silver Creek, a tributary of the South Fork American. This run comes into Ice House Reservoir. 
Kayak Weber Creek Class IV:  Austin Nickell of whitewaterassault.com takes you on a rare kayaking adventure down Weber Creek during last Springs heavy rains.  It's a run only for experieced kayakers.  You will see why!
El Dorado County Wine Country
Nello Olivo: Tour of Vineyard:  Nello Olivo Wines, with vineyards in Cameron Park and tasting room at 643 Bee Street in Placerville, has won Gold Medals for all seven 2010 vintage wines released in 2013.
Nello Olivo:  It Starts in the Vineyard:  
Nello Olivo shares his "secret" of cultivating his vineyard so as to produce the quality grapes that have made it possible for his wines to win numerous gold medals
Grace Patriot WinesSince 2004 Grace Patriot Wiines have handcrafted big wines from the rich red soils at our ridgetop location in El Dorado County. This video takes you on a tour of the vineyard and tasting room. Videographer Trevor Grace shares some wonderful scenes revealing the wonder of Camino, Ca.

Harvest Time in El Dorado County:  This production of the El Dorado Winery Association introduces the audience to the "new gold" in the hills, the wide varieties of vine being produced by El Dorado County wineries.
Wine and Dine in Placerville:  Discover how to enjoy yourself wining and dining on Main Street Placerville.   provided by Sweet Mix Media Alliance

Boeger Winery Tour:  Greg Boeger gives takes you on a tour of the original distillery at Boeger Winery.
Fitzpatrick Organic Winery:  Take a tour of El Dorado County's unique organic winery.
Perry Creek Winery--Cobra Party:  Enjoy the party as Perry Creek Winery uncorks the first bottles of their exclusive limited-edition 2010 Cobra Zin and Cobra Syrah. There are many Cobra cars and classic’s on hand to admire.
Huell Howser's Placerville- Road Trip 
Join Huell as he visits Placerville, founded after the highly publicized discovery of gold in 1848 in the tailrace section at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, only 10 miles away. The resulting migration of thousands of fortune-seekers established Placerville as an important supply center for the surrounding mining camps.  From the Chapman University Archives
Huell Howser's California Gold-- El Dorado County Fair:  Huell travels to Placerville to attend the El Dorado County Fair which is filled with all the wonderful food, rides, games and happy fairgoers that you would expect, but the big "event" is the John Studebaker Wheelbarrow Race.  Here's 16 seconds.  Watch the whole video live on Comcast 2 or streaming. 
Huell Visits the Wheelbarrow Races:  Huell takes a look at two companies that had their roots in California’s gold rush. First, Huell looks at the Studebaker Car Co.-originally started as a wheelbarrow manufacturer-and visits the Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races at the El Dorado County Fair, now in their 49th year. Next, Huell tours the original plant of Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco and sees one of the first pairs of blue jeans.  From the Chapman University Collection.
Howser's California Gold--"Moon Trees":  Apollo 14 launched in the late afternoon of January 31, 1971. Inside, astronaut Stuart Roosa had packed a small container filled with hundreds of tree seeds. After splashdown these seeds were germinated and planted all over the world. Join Huell as he starts his quest to find the Moon Trees. First stop is at the Placerville Forrest Service where we meet up with one of the people who actually helped plant the seeds, then we'll travel all around the State to find where the Moon Trees are still standing.
Huell visits Marhall Gold Discovery State Historic Park and meets up with members of its living history association dressed as actural miners from 1848.  Huell meets "James Marshall" himself who takes him to the exact spot god was discovered 150 years ago.
A Peek Into The Future:  Presented by The Diamond Springs and El Dorado Community Advisory Committee (DSEDCAC), El Dorado County, California. Video by Kathleen Newell. Discover how a rich history and culture is preserved in these two communities.  

Enjoy Highway 50 Association's 63rd Annual Wagon Train! Join the crew at High Hill Ranch in Camino. Watch as they do their preparations to head out on the final leg of the 50 mile trip from Lake Tahoe. Join in the fun of the street fair on Main Street in Placerville, otherwise know to the wagon trainers as "Old Hangtown". Celebrate at the end of trail party on Placerville Drive. And then come out and join us next year to be there in person!
Producered by Gary Campbell, George Sabato, Eddie Ebacher, Joy Todd.

Interview with Davie "Doc" Weiser:  Gary Campbell of SCATV2 interviews Davie at Zephyr Cove before he took off on his 35th Highway 50 Association Wagon Train.  "Doc" shares some great history of the Wagon Train.  Produced by Gary Campbell and George Sabato

View SCATV2  highlights from a large selection of the videos that were broadcast on Channel 2.   This is a great way to discover the wide variety of programming SCATV2 shares with the community.  There are so many videos we couldn't share the work of all our contributors.  SCATV2 thanks all who helped to make this possible, from videographers, editors, board members to our members and underwriters, and the City of Placerville.
National Night Out--Placerville
National Night Out was celebrated in Placerville this August 5, 2014. Sierra Community Access Television captured activities at the Grocery Outlet venue, one of dozens of participating neighborhoods. SCATV2's George Sabato interviews Mayor Carl Hagen, Chief of Police Scott Heller, Vice Mayor Patti Borelli and Assemblyman Frank Bigelow, Ashley Bryant of Run for Courage and event host, Lou Danker, owner of Grocery Outlet. The band 120 West provided entertainment, Camera crew: Directed by George Sabato. Film crew--George Sabato and Eddie Ebacher. Video produced for SCATV2 by Gary Campbell

Experience Hope Valley in its majestic autumn colors like you have never imagined thanks to Sierra Community Access Television producer Jason Bross and his remote controlled helicopter with high definition camera!  Amazing!


See Jay Bruce, California's Lion Hunter, in action in this rare footage from the 1920's.   Back in 1912 Bruce was appointed by the California Fish and Game commission as the official state Mountain Lion Hunter. It was a time when "wildlife management"  usually meant protecting citizens and their livestock from wild predators.  During his 30 years as a hunter for the state of California, Bruce developed a great respect for the wild animals in their habitat, and could be considered one of the early champions of natural conservation.

"The Deep Blue Load of Spanish Hill" (Part 1)-- The El Dorado Historical Society presents historian George Peabody telling the story of the "mountain of gold" found in Placerville, CA.  Millions of dollars worth of gold were mined from the "Deep Blue Load", one of the richest of several tributaries that fed the main Tertiary channel is the "Deep Blue" lead. This ancient channel first appears at Georgia Hill, northwest the Toombs Ranch. It then heads south, passing southwest of the ranch, before crossing White Rock Creek, and dipping under the volcanic rocks near Lava Cap Winery. It then emerges from beneath the cap and continues south to Three Mile House at Smith's Flat, about three miles from Placerville on the old Carson Valley Highway. The Deep Blue then crosses Hangtown Creek, swings southwest, passing north of Texas Hill, and ends near Spanish Hill about 1½ miles southeast of Placerville,   Escaton Village is built on the site of Spanish Hill.  Part 2  An education outreach project by Stanley W. Morris.

Gold Discovery Days at Coloma:  This is a short feature story of the Grand Re-Opening Ceremony at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma, CA (This is where the gold rush began in 1848). They were unveiling the renovated museum which features improved exhibits that more accurately portray the history of the area including the devastating impact the gold rush had on the local Nisenan and Miwok tribes.  Produced by Kathleen Newell

ThumbnailA Coloma Adventure:  Jason Bross and his remote controlled helicopter with HD camera give you an unprecedented aerial view of Coloma and the Wakamatsu Colony in Gold Hill.  Watch folks rafting, enjoy some living history and amazing views.

 Pony Express

The Pony Express was an innovative mail service that greatly impacted message delivery speed across the United States, and particularly in the American West. Did you know that Wells Fargo played a part in it? Learn about Wells Fargo's role in operating the Pony Express.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTAFnp3DEDM&list=UUEItF5B8pLBcRn4e7FeYg6gThe ladies of the El Dorado Rose Pageant 2014 demonstrate how the apron was used by the ladies of the house in days gone by.  Video by Marilyn Gilham.

RELAY FOR LIFE 2013:  Sierra Community Access Television filmed the 16th annual 2013 Relay for Life in Placerville. There are interviews with event organizers, cancer survivors, and event participants. Produced by Gary Campbell, George Sabato and Mary Parlin of SCATV2.    PART 2

Image result for kacie's ride
This heart touching video produced for SCATV2 by Andrew Bower of Red Dog Records. 
In July 2006, Pat Barron's sister Kacie was shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend who committed this brutal act of domestic violence after Kacie refused to rekindle their abusive relationship. Pat felt shock, pain, and rage upon learning of his sister's death. Pat could of turned his grief to revenge against the perpetrator. Fortunately for the victims of domestic violence, Pat made a different choice. Kacie's Ride is a day-long motorcycle ride through Hope Valley with the goal of educating the biker community about domestic violence and raising much needed funds for The Center for Violence-Free Relationships, the domestic violence center that supported Kacie and with Pat's help can save others. This film was produced by Andrew Bower of Red Dog Records. You will meet the people who make the event happen and you will join the ride through the Sierras to Hope Valley.   
Watch the 60 second KACIE'S RIDE September 14 promo

Veterans Day 2012:  SCATV2's Jason Bross and his remote controlled helicopter bring you breath-taking views of the Veterans Day Celebration.   This event honored Korean War veterans and El Dorado County's Staff Sgt. Sky Mote who was killed this year in Afghanistan.


Full Where and Wears Girls Playlist

Individual Episodes:

Where and Wears at Marilyn's Salon
Where and Wears in Apple Hill!
Auntie Bea's Bakery:  Learn how to make awesome holiday cookies with Bea and the girls.

Equine Unlimited in Rescue

Holiday Special:  The Where and Wears OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SPECIAL
Find out how you can make a global impact in a child's life by simply packing a shoe box! Channel 2's "Where and Wears" ladies, Rachel and Kirsten, are packing boxes this week and you can too. Don't miss out on making a difference.

Thumbnail"A Peek Into The Future"
Presented by The Diamond Springs & El Dorado Community Advisory Committee (DSEDCAC), El Dorado County, California.  Video by Kathleen Newell

Paragliding in Aquique, Chile:  What did Dr. David Hellerstein of El Dorado County, CA do when he retired from practicing medicine at the age of 72?  He learned how to paraglide!  Join him in is adventure paragliding over the Atacama Desert and landing on the beach at the resort town of Aquique.  The views will take your breath away.

Happy Birthday Channel 2:  Sierra Community Access Television celebrated its second year being back "on the air" at the Iron Willow Gallery in Placerville, CA. Jeanie Redmond interviews station volunteers and leaders. Music is provided by Jackson Steel Band.  Sweet Mix Media Production.

New Morning:  Jeanie Redmond introduces you to the work El Dorado County's oldest non profit organization, New Morning Youth & Family Services. New Morning has been supporting local youth and their families for over 40 years. New Morning's primary service is family counseling which is available at many school sites and their clinics in Placerville and Cameron Park.
This segment features the Emergency Children's Shelter and the accompanying family counseling services. Shelter services are available to youth ages 6-17 years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of their ability to pay for the services.  Sweet Mix Media.

New Morning:
This is a wonderful dramatization of how a runaway teen girl is helped to be reunited with her family.  Video by Stan Okumura and Darin Coelho Spring

ThumbnailSourdough Slim at Poor Red's--Cinema Caldera
Sour Dough sings "In the Jail House Now" at the the town of El Dorado's Poor Red's restaurant and bar.

Finnon's Dam:  View the restoration of the dam at Finnon Lake, a Resource Conservation District project.  Video by Bill Thorpe, Sweet Mix Media.
Camp Sunburst:
Camp Sunburst is a therapeutically designed summer camp for children and teens living with HIV/AIDS.  Video by Bill Thorpe, Sweet Mix Media.
Snowline Hospice Story:  10 minute video all about Snowline: history, medical care, thrift store operations, green operations and vision.

Oak Ridge High School Every 15 Minutes:  Drunk Driving SIMULATION Video - This was a MOCK drunk driving crash - NOT REAL - NO ONE was harmed in the making of this video.  Produced by NickSharplesProductions in association with the Office of Traffic Safety, California Highway Patrol and the El Dorado Hills Fire Department

Coloma Blues Live:  Along the South Fork American River, the rugged and beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills give stage to hard-hitting, impassioned vocals, soaring guitar work, singing harmonicas, and rocking R&B sound. El Dorado Arts Council (EDAC) presents Coloma Blues Live every year in early June to celebrate blues music in the historic Coloma Valley, where the Gold Rush began.  El Dorado Arts Council/Sweet Mix Media

Marshall Hospital Grand Opening:  Local officials and VIPs of El Dorado County celebrated the opening of the new South Wing of Marshall Hospital. The new wing will initially house a state-of-the-art Emergency Department, Verified Level III Trauma Center and Birth Center services.

Hosted by George Sabato and produced by Jerry Hogan, this segment covers the progress of the current construction project underway at Placerville's Marshall Hospital. George interviews construction and engineering manager, Dana Rice. Special appearance, during this program, is also made by elected Placerville City Coucilwoman, Wendy Mattson.
Marshall Medical One Minute Overview:  An overview of Marshall Medical Center's hospital, clinics and service offerings. Marshall Medical Center is located in El Dorado County, California. 2012

Where Babies Come From:  Take a tour of the new Birth Center at Marshall Hospital.

EDAC Congressional Art Competition Awards:  Congressman Tom McClintock presents the 2012 awards to student winners of the District's Congressional Art Competition. The winner's art will be hung in the Congressional Hall.

El Dorado Hills Vision Coalition: Public Service..."Be Alert" public services created by students with a grant from the El Dorado Hills Vision Coalition. Workshop was run by Bill Thorpe Sweet Mix Media.

Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony Festival 2012:  
Share the activities at this year's festival at the home of the first permanent Japanese colony in North American. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. This 272-acre ranch is owned by the American River Conservancy. The Conservancy conducts regular public tours of the property, as well as private tours. 
Part 1     Part 2

Fly Over Georgetown:  High def photos and video of Georgetown Main Street. This historic mining town maintains a steady handful of locals that love its presence. 

Snowboard with Alison Gennai:  Enjoy the slopes at Lake Tahoe with Alison as she does her "Sweet Nothing" tricks down the mountain.  When there is no snow, you will catch her doing amazing stunts on her skateboard her at the Skateboard Park in Placerville.  When Alison isn't snowboarding or skateboarding you will find her teaching at Independence High School here in Placerville.

Show N' Shine at Cameron Park:  More than a thousand visitors turned out to check out more than 175 custom and vintage vehicles alongside unique aircraft Saturday during the 22nd annual Show N Shine & Fly In at Cameron Park.  The annual event is a collaborative effort between two local community service organizations — Soroptimist of Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills and the Rotary Club of Cameron Park. Proceeds from the event benefit both community organizations and in turn the community through their effort.

The Chocolate Affair was held Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 6:00pm in the main building at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville, Ca.  The two local clubs of Soroptimist International: Cameron Park/El Dorado Hills and Placerville co-hosted the event, which benefits women, children, families, scholarships and grants in El Dorado County. Dave Bender, Channel 13’s charming weatherman, was the emcee.  Sierra Community Access Television’s Gary Campbell is the program host and producer.


El Dorado Trail:  Get to know the El Dorado Trail presented by the Friends of the El Dorado Trail.

Experience Eldorado (Six Episodes):Explore the life and culture of California's foothills with veteran film star Perry King and Gold Country personality Cory Tapia on Experience El Dorado.  This is produces El Dorado County's Emmy Award winning Todd Stanley.

Gold Bug Mine Field Trip:  Take a tour of Placerville's Gold Bug Mine and museum.  Learn about how the 49er's found their gold doing hard rock mining.  Produced by David Ayrapetyan.

Critical--Legacy Visioning for El Dorado County
This video presents an analysis of the impact of recent development into El Dorado County, CA. It examines the impact of multi-national corporations and local developers on Main Street businesses, the environment, and the life of citizens. This video presents ideas shared at the 2010 El Dorado County Visioning event. This open event was held with the idea of getting public input from diverse groups with the goal of shaping a legacy vision for the community.

Snowboard Fun at Tahoe:  Enjoy a ride down the mountain at Northstar with Erik Schultz.  The GoPro video offers unique views of the snowboard adventure.
a Center and Birth Center services.

Public Health & The Built Economy In El Dorado County:  Jason Eberhart-Phillips MD MPH, El Dorado County Health Director, gives a presentation about the health impact of the "built environment" on county citizens.  The goal is to have a plan to make land use decisions that help improve the health of citizens.

Congressional Art Competition: View the work of El Dorado County teens who submitted their art to  the Congressional Art Competition.  Congressman McClintock presents the awards at the El Dorado Arts Council's "The Art Space" on Main Street, Placerville.

El Dorado Arts Council Videos:  Poetry Out Loud, El Dorado Art and Wine Festival, Applause for Art Lovers...previously on 2...view from EDAC website.

El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce Videos:

      Benefits         Events          Welcome

Videos by Bill Thorpe/Sweet Mix Media
Church of Our Savior 150th Anniversary:  Lincoln was President when construction began on this important Placerville landmark.  View this amazing church, inside and out, along with a narrative featuring time period pictures courtesy of Steve Crandell.  

Heritage 3.0:  A look at the impact of development in El Dorado County that has taken place over the last several decades.  The video asks what the the role of Wall Street and Main Street will be in the re-development of our community.  Part 2   Credits.
Economics and Benefits of Historic Preseration:  A Placerville community workshop presented by Jennifer Gates of the California Preservation Founation. Introduction is by Mayor Clive Morris.

RCD News Reel--Finnon Lake Dam Reconstruction:  Mark Egbert of the Resource Conservation District District Manager gives an on the spot report on the work being done to reconstruct the Finnon Lake Dam.
Watershed Education Summit: Video by Bill Thorpe of Sweet Mix Media Window on the Motherlode by Sweet Mix Media--a mini 3.20 min.-"Experience El Dorado"
Placerville Downtown provided by Sweet Mix Media Alliance
Wine and Dine in Placerville provided by Sweet Mix Media Alliance
Placerville Downtown provided by Sweet Mix Media Alliance
Flower Power Forever:  (Also known as "Winter Creek"

Once A Marine “Author Gunny Sergeant Nick Popaditch, a Silver Star recipient and the subject of the world-famous AP photo, has penned what must surely be classed as among the best personal memoirs of any combat soldier in recent memory. 

1st Anniversary SCA-TV2 Program Highlights - Produced by Gary CampbellAre you new to Channel 2--then I suggest you watch our Anniversary Video featuring highlights from our first year.  

Flower Diva:  Angie Zimmerman teaches everyday flower arranging for your home, your office, as gifts, for dinner parties, for tablescapes, and as seen in magazines and on TV.  More

Simply Delicious: Sue Tweeton guides you step by step through Greek recipes from the "Simply Delicious" Greek cooking TV show.

SCATV2 Remembers Jerry Burke

Train Innaugural and Interview with Jerry Burke: On August 21, 2010 the Burke Junction train was relaunched in a ceremony held at the Burke Junction Shopping Center in Cameron Park, CA. This train had been completely restored and created a memorable opportunity for the El Dorado County community to celebrate the return of this piece of history. Interviews with, Jerry Burke-founder of Burke Junction, local politicians, youth, and business leaders are also included in this 28 minute program co-produced by RJRUBY Productions and SCA-TV

Christmas at Burke Junction 2010:  This is always a special event at this unique shopping district located in scenic Cameron Park, just 34 miles east of Sacramento. Meet Mother and Father Christmas and experience a truly community-based holiday season. Hosted by SCA-TV2 Jerry Hogan, and filmed by Leroy Goodenough.

Here's some more  On Demand programs.
King Fire:  Community Support Special

King Fire Video Special by Michaela Johnson

King Fire Aerial & Ground Photo Video Collage

Christmas Videos

"Fall Into Winter In Placerville" by George Sabato is a digital video collage of scenes of hometown, Placerville. Enjoy autumn colors to the white dusting of snow that comes with this wonderful season of the year. Take a tour down Main Street and side streets as well. Enjoy some highlights of our annual Christmas Parade.

Christmas in Coloma 2012:  
Enjoy "Christmas in Coloma" 2012 at James Marshall Gold Discovery State Park as captured on video by El Dorado County's Trevor Grace.  See all the vendors, folks taking a carraige ride,  kids making crafts and playing in the trucked in snow...and even be greeted by Santa! "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" is preformed by Robin Grace and Thom Bently of the Tepid Club of Cool.  Produced for viewing on Sierra Community Access Television.

Christmas Parade 2015 Photo Showcase
Animoto slide show by George Sabato

Bob Rawleigh Sings 'A Christmas Song' -- as seen on Sierra Community Access Television.  Click on the song link to view.

"Carol of the Bells" from the Cimorelli's Rockin' Christmas.  These young ladies are from El Dorado Hills.  Channel 2 will be playing several of their holiday tunes.  Also, watch for their "cover band" version of "We Are Never Getting Back Together", original by Taylor Swift, which has over seven million hits on YouTube. You will love their other holiday songs.  El Dorado County is very proud of "our girls"!  Enjoy the songs from this Cimorelli Christmas Playlist.  

Christmas time at Cameron Park's Burke Junction-Dec. 11, 2010:  This is always a special event at this unique shopping district located in scenic Cameron Park, just 34 miles east of Sacramento. Meet Mother and Father Christmas and experience a truly community-based holiday season. Hosted by SCA-TV2 Jerry Hogan, and filmed by Leroy Goodenough.
Placerville Christmas Parade 2010:  Courtesy of the Mountain Democrat

Pumpkin Festival:

ThumbnailThe Giant Pumpkin Festival was held at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds September 28-29, 2013. Along with out Giant Pumpkin Weigh-in there were competitions for other giant vegetables, a Giant Pumpkin Carving Demonstrations which was also be raffled off on Sunday. A portion theses proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. This video was produced by Marilyn Gilham for Sierra Community Access Television. 

Channel 2 Underwriters' 30 Second Spots (present and past)
Breaker Glass Underwriter Video - By Stan Okumura of Cinema Caldera
Minuteman Press Underwriter Video - By Stan Okumura of Cinema Caldera
All Auto Repair - By Stan Okumura 
Jackson Chiropractic - By Gary Campbell

Hike with Debbie Preston--Quarry Road Hike
Discover a great El Dorado County hike you can take with your dog with host Debbie Preston, author of 48 Dog Friendly Trails in the Foothills of California.
Snowshoe with Debbie and Toots at Loon Lake.
 Debbie Preston and Toots on the Dave Moore Trail

Food Bank of El Dorado County:  The Food Bank provides food assistance on a daily basis in partnership with over 40 local emergency food response agency sites including battered women’s shelters, senior centers, local food pantries, under privileged youth programs, youth shelters, soup kitchens, maternity homes and more.

Coloma--Celebration of James Marshall's 200th Birthday:  Join the celebration at Marshall Gold Discovery State Park featuring historical re-enactors who bring this important era to life as part of the celebration of the birthday of the man who discovered gold at Coloma.  The video is filmed and produced by George Sabato, edited by Michelle Vien.

Spotlight on EDAC: "Art-Space" at The El Dorado Arts Council
This 27 minute feature, hosted by Placerville's very own Wendy Mattson, profiles the work and contributions made by the El Dorado Arts Council at their offices on Historic Main Street in Placerville. Co-hosting with Wendy is EDAC Exec. Director, Deb Jensen, as they take you on a colorful and visually stunning tour of the EDAC studios which showcases the work of many local artists. Produced by local artist and SCA-TV2 board member, Jerry Hogan. Filmed and edited by Cinema Caldera's Stan Okumura.

American River Conservancy:  A beautiful retrospective video on how The American River Conservancy was formed in 1989 and what the organization has accomplished to date. Produced by Janice Stanley (Todd Stanley Productions).

Shingle Springs to El Dorado Train Ride:  Experience the return of trains to the track between Shingle Springs and the town of El Dorado as captured with air and land video imagery filmed by Jason Bross of Airshotz.com.  The trains have returned thanks to the Folsom, El Dorado and Sacramento Historical Railroad Association. See more of Jason's local videos like Pony Express on Main Street, Cameron Park Skate Park, El Dorado Hills Car Show, Raley's Field, Coloma, and Shingle Springs Snow Day at Airshotz.com.

Rubicon Trail:  It's In Your Hands:  The purpose of this video is to educate the public on proper use and appropriate behavior while visiting the Rubicon Trail, the crown jewel of the OHV trails, to protect this trail for future generations.  Produced for and distributed by the County of El Dorado. Shared on YouTube to help spread the word about responsible recreation.
Produced by El Dorado County's Emmy Award winner, Todd Stanley.

Harvest Time in El Dorado County:   This production of the El Dorado Winery Association introduces the audience to the "new gold" in the hills, the wide varieties of vine being produced by El Dorado County wineries.

Passport in Time:  Carson Immigrant Trali: Archaeologists and volunteers trace the story of the Morman emigrants as told by the evidence left behind on the Carson Trail.   You will also enjoy watching the  Passport in Time:  Yreka Trail and the Passport in Time:  Johnson Pass episodes.  These are Dee Owens productions.

Hangtown Haven:  Take a tour of Placerville's homeless shelter, Hangtown Haven.  Filmed by Gregory Zeller

EDC Firefighter Academy:  Share the experience of going through the El Dorado County Firefighters Academy.  The training and equipment are supported by funds raised in our community.

Kacie's Ride:  Historic Downtown Placerville. Main Street closed to host this important Motorcycle Run that raises awareness and funds for the fight against domestic violence. Funds raised help support The Center for Violence Free Relationships. For info contact kaciesrideforhope@sbcglobal.net.  Part 2

A Day in Tahoe:  Jason Bross presents "A Day in Tahoe" with a fly-over of Emerald Bay and the Classic Wood Boat Show.  Now showing on SCA-TV2!

Shingle Springs Drive-In:  You will love this visit and fly-over of the abandoned drive-in in Shingle Springs where many of us once watch the latest films with friends and family.   

Enchanted Pools at Wright's Lake: Debbie and Jeff take Jason to the amazine Enchanted Pools where he flies his r.c. heliocopter to catch breathtaking views of Wright's Lake.  You won't believe it!  This is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Wakamatsu Colony:  Fly over the first Japanese settlement in the United States in Gold Hill, California.  Video by Jason Bross and his remote controlled heliocopter with camera.

Pony Express Arrives in Placerville:  Jason Bross uses his RC heliocopter and camera to catch the Pony Express Rider arriving in town.  Great "fly-over" Placerville shots! You will love it. Original RC Heliocopter Fly-Over Main Street:    And here's Jason's first video fly-over Main Street.  

Eldorado Hills Car show, Town Center, Rc HeliEl Dorado Hills Car Show:  Fly over El Dorado Hills Town Center and enjoy a classic car show.  Video by Jason Bross and his r/c heliocopter.

Snoeshoe Hike at Loon Lake:  Debbie, husband Jeff and faithful Toots take off on the trail at Loon Lake, El Dorado County, California. Debbie and Jeff demonstrate how to snowshoe through this beautiful wilderness. Debbie is the author of Dog Friendly Trails for All Seasons in the California Foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Youth Living with Fire: Here's a great fire safety video for us in the foothills.

Cozmic Cafe:  Jerry Hogan's latest edition of "The Art of It All" takes you to the Cosmic Cafe on Main Street, Placerville.  Learn the history of the building, the story of how Jacob and his wife started this unique business that features a amazing health food restaurant, a bar with local wine and beer, art gallery, and hall where local musicians perform every week.

Channel 2 Grand Return Event at the Sequoia:  The "Grand Opening of the Nello Olivo Wine Tasting Room" event was also a fundraiser celebrating "The Return of Sierra Community Access Television."  Music by Jackson Steel Band.  Video by Stan Okumura.

Biking Jenkensen Lake at Sly Park:  Take a 14 mile bike ride on the trail around Jenkensen Lake with "S" Man Sterlyn Smith.  Sterlyn's travel adventures will be a featured series on Channel 2.  See many of his adventures at Big2020's Channel.

ThumbnailNick--The Bee Man:  Watch bee keeper Nick Pesola, here in El Dorado County,  retrieve a bee swarm at Papa Hank's Skyridge Blueberry Farm.  Before your eyes he rounds up 20,000 bees and moves them to a new hive here in Placerville.  Part 2. Video by Leroy Goodenough.

Rubicon Trail - It's In Your Hands:   The purpose of this video is to educate the public on proper use and appropriate behavior while visiting the Rubicon Trail, the crown jewel of the OHV trails, to protect this trail for future generations.  A Todd Stanley Production funded by El Dorado County and the State of California.  An Earth Day Premiere Special on Channel 2!!!

Cowboy Paper:  Local artist makes paper for his artwork out of horse manure.  You won't believe what artist Orin Miller goes through to create the medium for his the paper he uses in his art projects.  The making of the paper is an "art" in itself.   This is the link to part one.  Once at YouTube you may access part 2.  Stay with it and see his final art product in his gallery at the end of the video.  A Michelle Vien Production.

Aaron Molho:  Aaron does a great parody of Bruce Springsteen with his Deuce Bruceteen music video.  You will love his tribute to John Lennon.  Aaron was born and raised in Placerville and is now down in L.A. pursueing his career as a musician, producer, and comedian.

T is for Trash Can:  Produced by Rory and Placerville's own Sara Thorn Walsh.  This was a submission for Drafthouse Film's "ABC's of Death" contest. In the film Sara is carrying the recently born Lilly!

Placerville Children's Museum:  See the local museum in action.  video by Michelle Vien

Vision Coalition of El Dorado Hills:  Watch this video to learn about VC.

Our House Gallery Open Mic: February 16, 2011 Part 2 of 3
This segment, filmed on Feb. 16th, features 10 year-old Placerville poet, Taylor Summers, reading his original works. Also, 10 year old female vocalist, Wendy Dunn makes her SCA-TV2 debut. Local performer in numerous El Dorado Musical Theatre shows, Spencer Borup is showcased playing his original music. Program regulars include Alison Loftin, Jim Nolt, Taylor Graham, "Hatch" Graham, Telemachos Greanias, Steve Talbet, and Our House Gallery co-owner, Mary Donnelly. Visiting poets from Linclon David Anderson and Jude Stevenson-Victor also contributed to this segment. Produced by RJRUBY Productions

Our House Open Mic Night: Januray 19,2011 Part 1 of 3:
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, "Our House Gallery and Framing" in El Dorado Hills hosts "Open Mic" poetry and music. The evening starts at 7Pm and wraps-up at around 8.30pm. Come and celebrate spoken and musical words. Admission and participation is free.

The Art of it All-Ep. 2: The DORCAS Quiltmakers
In this episode of The Art of it All, host Jerry Hogan profiles this unique ministry based at Church of the Foothills in Placerville. This quilter's group makes high quality quilts that they donate to worthy causes.

Christmas time at Cameron Park's Burke Junction-Dec. 11, 2010
This is always a special event at this unique shopping district located in scenic Cameron Park, just 34 miles east of Sacramento. Meet Mother and Father Christmas and experience a truly community-based holiday season. Hosted by SCA-TV2 Jerry Hogan, and filmed by Leroy Goodenough.

Church of the Foothills Services:  Select COTF Sunday services are now featured on Channel 2 broadcast on Comcast Channel 2.  Here you will find the archive of recent Church of the Foothills services featuring Pastor Brian Long, Pastor Phil Christiansen and Pastor Danny Basham.    El Dorado County Sheriff's Chaplain Jacob Cohen 9/11 anniversary first-hand account is now posted.

Placerville Christmas Parade 2010:  Courtesy of the Mountain Democrat

View SCATV2 Underwriters 30 Second Spots
Breaker Glass Underwriter Video - By Stan Okumura of Cinema Caldera
Minuteman Press Underwriter Video - By Stan Okumura of Cinema Caldera

CASA ....makes a difference!:  Produced for CASA by Michelle Vien.  It shows the roles of male volunteers in the CASA program.

Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions:  You have seen Sam Blake and his wolves up at High Hill Ranch during Apple Hill season.  He is there working to dispell myths about wolves and find homes for wolves who need adoption.  The station will air "Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption:  Wold Education Series V.  This is a related feature posted on YouTube.

Burke Junction Train Inaugural 2010-by RJRUBY Productions and SCA-TV2
On August 21, 2010 the Burke Junction train was relaunched in a ceremony held at the Burke Junction Shopping Center in Cameron Park, CA. This train had been completely restored and created a memorable opportunity for the El Dorado County community to celebrate the return of this piece of history. Interviews with, Jerry Burke-founder of Burke Junction, local politicians, youth, and business leaders are also included in this 28 minute program co-produced by RJRUBY Productions and SCA-TV2.

Focus on SPEAR: Suicide Prevention Education Action Resources by Michelle Vien Productions and SCA-TV2
An El Dorado County-based nonprofit, SPEAR is fulfilling its mission to help the community’s at-risk teens develop self-esteem through the performing arts.Co-hosted by Figueira and SCA-TV's Bertie Byrne. 

SPECIAL--El Dorado County Watch by Jason Bross
Latest Update:  Sand Fire--Dozer Firebreak Success

Hangtown Destruction Derby sponsored by the  Placerville Police Association Destruction Derby, produced by Fuzion Filmz premiers Satuday, November 6.  See the full hour and twenty minute video on Channel 2.  See program schedule for times.

The American Dream:  The series tells the history of immigration to the United States and the stories of prominent immigrant citizens and their outstanding contributions to America.  The series has won a Telly, the International Film and Video Silver Screen Award, an Accolade, and the Videographer Awards Award of Excellence

Our House Open Mic Wednesday-10/20/10-part 1 of 3:  by RJRUBY Productions
This was aweekly series originating from Our House Gallery and Framing in El Dorado Hills. 

The Art of it All-Episode 1 - Produced and Hosted by Jerry Hogan
This inaugaral program profiles the Placerville Artist Association's Studio Tour. Tour host, Valerie Bye, shares her garden which is actually a work-of-art in the making for 30 years. In addition, this space is also an art gallery where various works are on display. The Placerville Artist Association's Tour draws together artist and art-lovers alike where these talents can be enjoyed by the entire El Dorado County Community. Jerry also talks with visitors and local artists who are also enjoying this part of the Studio Tour in Valerie's garden.

El Dorado County Sheriff's Department Citizen's Academy--By Stan Okumura of Cinema Caldera
Hosted by retired EDC Sheriff's Deputy Lt. Kevin House. this show details a unique and very popular program created by Lt. House where local citizens can learn about the inner workings of their county law enforcement agency on many levels. Topics covered are traffic enforcement, CSI, evidence management, stop and siezure procedures among others

"Dracula: Profiles in Vision and Creativity" --by RJRUBY Productions and SCA-TV2
Show showcasing Placerville's Imagination Theatre's unique multi-media production of "Dracula" that was on stage at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds through the month of Oct. 2010 and includes interviews with the directors and two of the main actors from the show.

28th Annual SARTA Elly Awards-EDC Winners  Sept. 26, 2010.-- By RJRUBY Productions and SCA-TV2

Saved by Grace--focuses on Grace's mission as a horse rescue and rehabilitation facility located in El Dorado Hills, CA.  Produced by Silverado Studios of Folsom,
Butterfly Concert--by Michelle Vien
Kacie's Ride
Project Cuddle
Doug Braaton of Candy Strike Channel 2 Station ID
Channel 2 Station ID with Magician Leroy Goodenough
Masked Magician--Leroy Goodenough
We Are All Different--Cinema Caldera & Vision Coalition
Fancy Ghost by Dark Rider--Cinema Caldera
Epic Dust--Cinema Caldera
Generation F Part 1  -- by Michelle Vien   The story of El Dorado's foster children.
Generation F Part 2
Generation F Part 3
Generation F Part 4
Girls Night Out--Part 1 -- by Michelle Vien
Girls Night Out--Part 2  
Sean Clavere Sings in El Dorado Hills --by Leroy Goodenough
Nancy Siegler Sunflower Fundraiser for Breast Cancer --by Leroy Goodenough
Doug and Bud Zeller Introduce Placerville and El Dorado County
Fusion Gallery -- by Leory Goodenough
The Greatest Good --  The Forest Service Centennial Film
American River Conservency Video. Click on the video box for full screen viewing.
New Morning provided by Cinemacaldera
"Charlie's Closet":  Trailer of movie made by local Cameron Park teen and Ponderosa HS alum, Spencer Reed.
Cameron Park Fireworks Video provided by RJRuby Productions
Genny the Genie, El Dorado's Magician,  in Las Vegas -- by Leroy Goodenough
   Video 1
   Video 2
   Video 3--Genie in a Bottle
Vision Coalition Community Town Hall Meeting -- Cinema Caldera
El Dorado Community Foundation --Cinema Caldera
Study:  Access to Healthy Foods In El Dorado County  by Sweet Mix Media.
  • Project Cuddle:  Special video shared on SCATV2 which is about Project Cuddle and saving  babies in our communities from being abandoned.